Important Changes in the Anki Addon

There are a few features in the jlab addon that used to break when Anki is updated. This remained stable for about 2 years now, but with version 2.1.55, things started breaking again. Therefore, I decided to move some operations to “Japanese like a breeze -> Tools” instead of running them automatically. This does not affect users of the jlab decks, but those who want to use the addon with subs2srs decks. Here’s what changed and what you need to do:

  • The addon does not ask anymore, if you want to use a deck being imported with the jlab addon. Instead, you need to launch the deck converter manually from the tools menu.
  • The cards are not bulk-updated after the import is completed. Depending on your settings, this was also not the case before. This is now also found in the tools menu. Especially if you want to use everything on mobile and only change the script on the cards using the addon, this is quite helpful.

Why no proper integration? Well, maintaining the addon along with creating the courses takes a lot of time, which I currently don’t have. The import behavior requires a proper hook in Anki’s source code, which currently isn’t there. Since most users seems to use the premade jlab decks and doing so mostly on mobile, I decided to make these changes to save me some time. If you are by any chance a python programmer and want to add those hooks, drop me a message using the “?” on the right.