All Jlab Decks

Here’s a list of all anki decks I created. Most of my time is currently spent on the intermediate decks. The beginner’s course also gets updates. Moreover, there are two other decks in the long term pipeline, which are not listed yet: One for learning kanji and another one for anime-specific language and pitfalls.

Starter deck with 2100 cards, available on Ankiweb. This teaches most grammar and around 1000 words. At 10 cards / day, it keeps you busy for 7 months.

Teaches numbers and how to count, you can download it from Ankiweb. This is also linked in the beginner’s course and builds on the content of this course.

Follow-up of the beginner’s course, you can get the download link on patreon. This is fully build around video recommendations and helps you to quickly understand videos on YouTube.  It has 1000 cards and prepares you to watch 150 videos on YouTube and one episode of anime.

For free, community-created subs2srs decks, go here. You can use these decks for sentence mining on your own, i.e. you can create your own n+1 cards. A guide for this is here.