Linux and Mac Users

The addon uses a special deck format and only works for decks having this format. Unfortunately, the tool for converting a deck into this format is a windows executable. This has historical reasons and won’t change – I simply don’t have enough time to port everything to python. The remainder of the addon however works on other operating systems, too. For importing a deck and using the addon, you have the following options:

  • Import a deck on windows and sync everything using ankiweb. This will automatically launch the deck converter.
  • Run the deck converter with an emulator such as wine. The app is called “apkgConverter.exe” and located in the addon’s “apps”-folder. To get there, go to Anki – Tools – Addons – Jlab and click “view files”. Then go to Apps/apkgConverter.exe. After conversion, import the converted deck, the addon should work on this deck now.

Note that I haven’t tested conversion with an emulator myself, but I tested the addon on Linux. Sorry for the inconvenience!