Troubleshooting (for the jlab deck)

I’ll also upload a video version of this to YouTube.

If your card order is messed up after an initial import of the deck, the culprit is most likely the insertion order of the default deck options and the current deck options. Try changing this from “random” to “sequential”. This often fixes the problem. If not, have a look at the next step.

If changing the insertion order to “Sequential” didn’t fix the random order, you can change the current card order in the card browser. First, open the card browser, then do the steps illustrated in the figure:

Internally, the jlab deck always is called “Jlab’s beginner course” – even though there’s a typo in the name ;). If you rename the deck to e.g. “wafawffwa”, you will get a second deck with the original name after import. The “old” cards are now in “wafawffwa”, the new cards are in “Jlab’s beginner course”. In order to fix this, you need to move the cards around in the deck browser (from “wafawffwa” to “Jlab’s beginner course” or the other way round). Afterwards, you need to update the card order, as illustrated “wrong card order (fix 2)”!