At the time of writing this, the jlab beginner’s course covers almost all grammar and has more than 2000 cards. I am now playing around with different ways to expand the deck and to add interesting bonus content.

One of these ways is to search for easily comprehensible videos on YouTube, which fit your current level of Japanese. This is not so easy at early stages of the deck, but seems to work well lateron. As a first shot, there are now 6 additional cards with about 20 video links in the deck. This is still in the evaluation phase, but it looks like I can provide you with a constant stream of easy video recommendations in the future. I am not yet sure how to handle this, but this will probably be connected to some future tier of the brand new jlab patreon (which is a “pledge what you want” without any bonus content at the moment). Note that these videos are all publicly available and you can try finding more of them yourself: Make sure to check out the channels of the creators!

How to watch the videos

I recommend to use the language reactor addon. It turns YouTube into a stop-and-go player, has a dictionary and sometimes also translations to help you figuring out what’s being said. Here are the most important controls:

  • q: toggle autoplay (this is on by default, try turning it off in the beginning)
  • a: previous subtitle line
  • s: replay current subtitle line
  • d: next subtitle line

I also recommend that you re-watch the videos after a few days, but don’t overdo it – rewatching once or twice should be sufficient. To do so, just keep the flashcard with the links in Anki until it shows up for the next time.

Is this something you like? Feel free to send feedback using the contact form to the right (“?”-button). Thank you!