Learning Japanese with flashcards and Anki is highly efficient, but creating cards myself became one of the most tedious and boring tasks over time. Therefore, discovering https://japanesedecks.blogspot.com/ was a revelation for me. The site hosts a gigantic collection of subs2srs decks and new ones are uploaded continuously. This is a gold mine for Japanese learners and the largest deck source I’m aware of. I was curious, how many flashcards all of the decks have together and counted (*), here’s the result:

1.561.815 cards in 271 decks
On average 5763 cards per deck

That’s amazing, I didn’t expect that many, thanks to all of the deck creators! If you’re interested in the card amount per deck or the counting code, have a look at this zip file. Last but not least, the image below shows the amount of cards per deck.

(*) I actually counted the notes, but each note usually generates a single card. Since the decks are almost completely generated with subs2srs, each card usually contains one sentence.